Avatar Deployment Platform
VMWare A link containing an ova file will be provided to you via email
Physical A small computer measuring 4.5 in. x 4.5 in. x .5 inches will be shipped to you
AWS A new subnet will be created in an existing or new VPC in your AWS account
Network Information for VMWare or Physical Avatar
Address Type:
Static You will need to provide IP address information for the Avatar
DHCP The Avatar must be placed in a network with a DHCP server, switching to Static IPs after enrollment is recommended
Static IP Settings
Avatar address requires outbound TCP port 443 and 22 to CDW Services
Default gateway for all BMN and Avatar traffic
Subnet for Avatar and BMN
Required nameserver address, requires UDP port 53 open from Avatar IP
optional secondary nameserver address, requires UDP port 53 open from Avatar IP
BMN Address requires inbound and outbound ACLs required for all monitoring and access services; must be in the same subnet as the Avatar
Network Information for AWS Avatar
AWS Deployment location
Standalone VPC AWS Cloudformation will provision an AWS Stack with an Internet Gateway and a new subnet containing the Avatar
Existing VPC AWS Cloudformation will provision an AWS Stack with a new subnet containing the Avatar
CIDR Block for Avatar and BMN: An unused block in your AWS Account that could be used to reach managed devices
Existing VPC information
AWS Virtual Private Cloud ID for Avatar and BMN networking
Required nameserver address, generally second IP address of the VPC's CIDR block
Optional secondary nameserver address
AWS subnet ID that can be used for Internet Access (ex. subnet-42223f1c)
Physical Avatar Shipping Information
Street Address 1: Address to ship Avatar
Street Address 2: Optional second address line
Physical/Virtual Avatar Location
Choose/Create Location A location is needed to track the placement of the Avatar Configuration Item, the BMN will be provisioned in CDW's private cloud
AWS Avatar Account Information
AWS Account Number Your 12-digit AWS Account Number
Region Name AWS Region where Avatar will be placed (us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-1, us-west-2)
Contact Information
Full Name: Person responsible for facilitating installation of the Avatar
Email: Email address to send Avatar build status updates to (including shipping information and Avatar ova download links)
Phone: If we the Avatar doesn't check in with our infrastructure in a timely fashion, we'll call this number to follow up